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Spiritual Retreat





Join us for a wholistic spiritual online workshop seeking greater fulfilment in relationships, life, and faith. 

Rev Dr Robert Driver-Bishop is a nationally known transformational retreat leader integrating stories, art, music, and sacred stories for those seeking a centered life. Join us for a truly engaging time together. Blessings. 


The Bible and Enneagram

Join us Saturday, May 20th at 3pm eastern for comprehensive research into the fascinating history these two share. Provided for free to all who support IEA.


Spiritual Transformation Retreat

We examine Biblical examples of the past, celebrate our current journeys, and hopefully chart a meaningful future integrating Enneagram, Jungian thought, Strength Finders to better understand ourselves and each other. Opportunity to meet new friends or invite someone else. Additional fall sessions are planned.

Monday, June 19 thru Wed, June 21 10am-5pm eastern

Friday, June 23 thru Sun, June 25 10am-5pm eastern



driverbishop @ hotmail com

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