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The Enneagram is a helpful ancient tools that enables us to better understand ourselves and others. WE will explore ways it is related to ancient Celtic spirituality and how it has helped pilgrims and spiritual directors for millennium. It was clearly a tool used by early Christians to establish healthy communities that transformed society. It transforms our lives today.  It enables greater peace and joy. This is a journey for wholeness. 

The Enneagram and Strength Finders together help us better understand ourselves in a right and left-brain combination. The Enneagram is organic, creative, evolutionary. Strengths is scientific in nature designed and maintained by top level professionals (psychology, sociology, research, & organizational scientists). Together they provide a healthy understanding of your type and best use of your God given gifts to find real meaning and joy in life. Together they enable individuals, groups & families to discover more meaningful work, life, & love. 

Folks who use Gallup Clifton Strength Finders are 3 times as likely to claim joy and an excellent quality of life. Additional research finds people who know and use their strengths every day are more likely to experience positive emotions (energetic, well-rested, happy, respected) and less likely to experience negative ones (stress, worry, anger, sadness). 

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